WHAT exactly is Astrology?  

In simple terms “Astrology is deep knowledge about the planets and stars in the solar system and their direct influence on the people’s life.” Astrology is very old knowledge that was used by early civilization in history to know about future, so these civilizations developed scientific system of knowledge. There are many scientific system of Astrology according to the several historians, some Astrology systems are Hindu astrology (Vedanga jyotisa the earliest texts), Chinese astrology, Horoscopic astrology (Babylonian astrology + Decanic astrology), Hellenistic astrology. These all scientific systems helped people to take important decisions and to predicted future events i.e. what will happen in the future?

Nowadays, also we have many astrology systems that can help us to know the future, personality, relationships, economic fortunes with help of one's accurate birth date, time of birth, place and the position of sun and moon in the person's horoscope .Well known astrology systems for people are Zodiac astrology, Numerology, Tarot cardsVedic astrology and Tibetan astrology, Palm astrology many more.
In present astrologers uses the time of birth, place of birth and birth date to predict the future of that person. Astrologers take time of birth, place of birth and birth date because the position of the different Stars and Planets at the birth of time is different for different individuals and each and every person have different effects of planets on an individual's life.

In general many people aren't able to understand the technical language of astrology like ascendant (lagn) Exaltation (Ucchya), debilitation (neecha) etc. In general people get confused what the astrologer said, sometimes they get offended when the prediction is not what they want in their mind. And at times many people have interest in knowing how an astrologer predicts, curiosity increases as and when the predictions turns in reality , so if you want to know more on astrology and how an astrologer predicts just read the article. The article gives a basic knowledge of astrology, further anyone can understand his/her horoscope chart. 

The Importance of Vedic Astrology in our Live:


Vedic astrology also known as Hindu astrology in ancient time was written by many Rishis, originally it comes from India. Vedanga Jyotish is one of earliest text found in hindu astrology, and the famous book of Rishi PARASARA- "BRHAT PARASARA HORASATRA", is the base of Indian astrology. SARAVALI by KALYANVARMA is also an important book in astrology, there are many more important books which gives a vast knowledge on astrology. 
 Vedic astrology is divided into different systems or methods.
  • PARASARI system
  • JEMINI system
  • NADI system
  • KP  system
  • LAL KITAB system

There is one more aspect of astrology  known as MUNDANE system. In this astrology the predictions can be made holistically like predictions of a country on whole regarding economic conditions, political scenario, natural disasters, wars.
To know these vedic astrological systems we need to have the basic in-depth knowledge and general rules of natal horoscope and the basic for all the above mentioned systems is same, we need to know the Zodiac Signs, Planets, Houses, Ascendant, Combination of planets, various aspects of planets and many more.
Hence this article gives a logical explanation regarding the influence of the placement of the stars in an individual's horoscope. In short, the significance of astrology lies in the direct influence that the moon, stars and the other planets have on our lives.
I am ending this post, in the next post I will  write about  HOUSES in NATAL CHART.


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